About Us
Who We Are
EdateFinder provides services in the US, Canada, and Australia to help you find romantic opportunities and find that someone special using our matching engine. We have built an engine that helps singles find their local matches. We don’t show you ways to find other married people, we help you find local singles.
What We Do
Instead of gambling on the honesty of a new or existing partner, or taking a single online dating profile at face value, you can take a few simple steps to protect yourself, save time and find the perfect partner. We search through thousands of online profiles and will reveal the information you need to quickly assess the honesty in your relationship. Now you can simply avoid wasting time on relationships that are going nowhere.

Included in our network of partner sites are premium online dating sites and specialist offline matchmakers. The online dating sites we recommend have a long track record of successfully matching singles and are well known for their service levels and satisfied member base.

The matchmakers provide a personalized service and only accept singles that meet certain criteria. Their selection criteria include age, income level, and location. If you qualify we’ll recommend you to a local matchmaker.
How It Works
At EdateFinder, we give singles the opportunity to express themselves through various partner sites creating profiles. Profiles may include up to 26 photos, as well as selected preferences regarding the person they're searching for. With the click of a mouse, members can instantly see photos and read about potential matches in their area. EdateFinder also understands the importance of privacy and integrity. The names and contact information of all our members are kept confidential until the member personally decides to share the information with a potential match.